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Farohar Enterprizes Limited is poised to establish its place as a global leader in providing specialist services especially to the maritime, oil-gas industries and other businesses that wish to optimize their ability to handle sporadic, non-core, labor intensive or specialist projects with efficiencies absolutely similar to (and often better) than if done internally by themselves.

Headed by an extremely efficient, capable and proven Management team and over 400 global resources, FEL has its headquarters in Singapore and its Main worksite in Mumbai, India. All operations are ISO 900:2008 and 27000:2005 compliant.

A rich family of exclusive partners and global experts further expand the scope of Farohar’s Specialist Outsourced Services (SOS) offerings.

FEL’s commitment to client satisfaction surpasses all considerations of profitability and the incentive of recurrent business and solid testimonials are a far higher priority than mere revenue targets. This is further reflected by our unique and much appreciated guarantee of quality and free post-delivery follow-up.

We look forward to welcoming you and your organization to our family of clients.